Friday, March 29, 2013


Week in California has officially begun!

Spent a day in Santa Cruz walking around the boardwalk. One day I'll ride in the overhead cart things. Tried chocolate covered bacon. Had a hot dog on a stick. Got partially pooped on by a stupid seagull (Sister-in-law Allie got the bulk of it).

All in all it was a fun day.  Gotta love some good ol' Vitamin D.

Pirate mini-golf!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

top o' the mornin'.

I love St. Patrick's Day.

I just do. And I don't even really like beer. I know, I know. What could the 17th of March even offer me? Perhaps it's the wishing I was part Irish. Or that I love little leprechauns. And Irish accents. And my former traveling buddy was from the Land of Green.

My sweet Seamus. 

He was traveling with us to Portland when our car was stolen.
The car we found, but Seamus sadly never returned.

It's also a day to celebrate being friends.
Because our friendship started with a love of today and the movie Young Guns. (Yeah... not too sure of the correlation either).

Our countdown chain to St. Patrick's Day!

The last few years I've become slightly obsessed with the vintage postcards that are out there - for any holiday, really. But these are some of my favorites. 

(all images via Google Image)

Also, if you have never seen Waking Ned Devine, you should go rent/Netflix/however you watch movies- watch it. The funeral speech will always melt my heart. 

Finally remembered to use my awesome cookie cutter
I always forget I have!

Remember this?! Yes. Please.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


So awkward I had to make my own e-card up!

Telephone phobia .

I swear it's a thing.

Because I'm positive I have it.  I can say "yes" to a lot of these questions

Rational? Not at all.

I used to be on the phone all the time. In middle school, I would spend all afternoon and weekends on the phone with one of my girlfriends. Literally. all. day. We would hang up when we had to pee (probably would have stayed on even then but I didn't have a cordless). We'd watch t.v. "together". I think a mixture of growing apart from people and the invention of texting and rise of emails and social media as made it much harder to communicate with our real voice. Don't even get me started on Skype and Face time (the thought of them being able to see my awkwardness while on the phone?!). Sure, it's great for those separated by distance and grandparents wanting to see their grand-babies  but for something like an interview? I'd die!

I don't even know what it is about it. It's so frustrating!

You'd probably laugh if I told you that the job I'm trying to get requires talking on the phone about 99% of the time. It's different though. (See, I sound crazy!) There is a difference when it's your JOB. And, this company is awesome and has this crazy system/program that makes it way less intimidating. And what better way to face your fear than to face it head on? The fear and anxiety comes when I'm put in a vulnerable position - when I need something, am asking for something, when the other person has some "power" over me (for real, or just in my head) that all these symptoms come to fruition.

Mix that with the hard core jitters and nervousness that comes with looking for a job and you get my awkward voicemail today. Ugh. It was totally acceptable for me to call and get an update regarding the job. Enough time had past where I wouldn't be a stalker and she would still remember me. So I write down what I want to say - and seeing as I've always got a quick answer from her - don't worry about a quaint voicemail option. So it rings, and rings, and rings, and then voicemail. I get through my "It's me-this-is-why-I'm-calling-here's-my-number speil and instead of hanging up like a normal person I kept talking. I don't even know what about. I know I said something about how much I appreciated her and how she's been helping me but even as I type this I don't know how to convey how much more awkward it was coming from my lips. Mine you this is the company voicemail not even her personal one. Are you cringing like I am while typing this?


I just hope she finds it endearing. And not crazy.

Today definitely didn't help with the fear of calling someone.

Are you afraid of the phone or some other irrational things? I would love to hear I'm not alone. Or that you are just as awkward as I am. Or that I didn't just ruin all this work of getting this job. BLERG!*


On an happier note, (kind of) happy Pi Day! It's only kind of happy because I have yet to eat any pie...

(* A special thanks to someecards & Tina Fey for words and thoughts I love but are not my own.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Pearl District is becoming one of my favorite places. Alphabetized streets, pretty old buildings, cool bike rack art - what's not to love? And the baristas at the Starbucks on 11th & Lovejoy are always so happy I am there.

Love it.

A photo-sesh with my mister is a definite must.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


One of my favorite people is  f i n a l l y  getting married!

j + s are too perfect for each other.

They were a part of our wedding and Husby & I are excited to partake in their special day!

At our wedding : )

So thoughtful. I'm pretty sure I asked my maids via FB...

This summer is going to be amazing!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today was the second part of my interview with a company that, quite frankly, sounds too good to be true. Ahhh! I want to work there so bad!

My "quote of the day" delivered via email.

The Pearl District is so fun. I could do an hour commute for this.     : )

Saturday, March 2, 2013


So my mom used to play the piano when she was a child, but never really pursued and then got back into it the past couple years or so. She seems to practice non stop and tonight it all paid off for her. She had her first piano recital! She was like a giddy school girl. It was good to see her so happy as these past 7 or so years have just been tough. There was about 40-45 people who came to support her. It was pretty incredible, actually.

The photo's aren't the best but it was dark and I didn't want to use a flash. I've also included a couple of songs, if you're the piano listening type!

(Sorry these videos are wonky...I'm not tech savvy enough to fix it - ha!)

Special thanks to Classic Pianos for making a lady's wish come true.