Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Pearl District is becoming one of my favorite places. Alphabetized streets, pretty old buildings, cool bike rack art - what's not to love? And the baristas at the Starbucks on 11th & Lovejoy are always so happy I am there.

Love it.

A photo-sesh with my mister is a definite must.



  1. I love the Pearl. Jamison park is one of my favorite places to bring my son during the summer.. and, Cool Moon for ice cream. My hubs and I love to frequent the breweries there. It is just so much fun and so pretty. Great photos.

  2. The Pearl is definitely cool. SO many great spots for photos, both of stuff and of people (it's where we did the Portland Bloggers style shoot event! Lots of pics here

  3. The Pearl is definitely a great place for photos. I'm an east side girl though and prefer it over here :)