Saturday, November 8, 2014


Omigoodness, where have I been? 

Well, I left my job at the dry cleaners and went back to kindergarten. Literally.

I get to do the bulletin board! Best job ever!

My new job is an Instructional Assistant in one of the four Kindergarten classes at the school. We have about 26 kiddos or so- seems to be changing monthly... and it's crazy and fun and highly entertaining.

Four princesses. Naturally.

Husby's got himself a new job too, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from us at a middle school. He's in a Behavior Classroom, so that brings a whole new set of challenges and experiences for him.

Creepy kid drawing. Mama and baby.

It is amazing because we both got enough hours to qualify for benefits, and since we work for the same district we can double cover ourselves on some things. We're finally grown adults! I would say we could start really saving for things now but it's the holidays... so good luck to us, ha!

Fall bulletin board!

Follow along with #hashtagkindergarten for more awesome photos of this adventure.

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