Sunday, September 30, 2012


So Spencer and I are going into week 4 of FPU. I know budgeting can be tough, but when you are in the red every month it's nearly impossible to make a zero budget. Alas, somehow it's at zero. (Actually, it's because all our debt is on Irregular Income Planning form).

I really like that Dave says nothing is going to happen without hard work. It's not a pray you are blessed with riches mumbo jumbo. It's pretty legit. And Spencer doesn't seem to mind it, so that's a major plus. Since we are starting this now I have high hopes for us.

On a brighter note I have two job interviews this week. One of them (the full-time, higher paying one) comes with at least two recommendations for I'm quite hopeful. But it all comes down to me. Ugh. I really hate interviews. Even a crappy job would at least put us in the green.

Also, if you have student loans... do this.

Too much money talk.

Christmas list begins HERE!

I really like this picture of Husby. Das a nice bowtie. These are a few from his sister Amy's wedding : )

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a wedding shower.

This past Sunday I hosted a wedding shower for my friend Shannon, with the lovely ladies of PUMP at the Russell home. I love parties and decorating and planning things so when the opportunity presents itself I will take whatever I can and go with it!

We had a dessert table and hot chocolate bar, and a few healthy options too. We played a couple games, showered Shannon with advice and gifts, and got our sweets fix in for the month!

Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon.

THIS was my main inspiration. I loved the "rain" theme.

And here's how the shower turned out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nine Eleven.

You all remember this photo, right?
Found 11 years ago today in the midst of chaos and death... two metal beams resembling a cross.

But it reminds me of another tragic and brutal death involving a cross.

But with that cross came a resurrection. An empty tomb.


(And not the Obama kind. The eternal kind.)