Saturday, November 8, 2014


Omigoodness, where have I been? 

Well, I left my job at the dry cleaners and went back to kindergarten. Literally.

I get to do the bulletin board! Best job ever!

My new job is an Instructional Assistant in one of the four Kindergarten classes at the school. We have about 26 kiddos or so- seems to be changing monthly... and it's crazy and fun and highly entertaining.

Four princesses. Naturally.

Husby's got himself a new job too, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from us at a middle school. He's in a Behavior Classroom, so that brings a whole new set of challenges and experiences for him.

Creepy kid drawing. Mama and baby.

It is amazing because we both got enough hours to qualify for benefits, and since we work for the same district we can double cover ourselves on some things. We're finally grown adults! I would say we could start really saving for things now but it's the holidays... so good luck to us, ha!

Fall bulletin board!

Follow along with #hashtagkindergarten for more awesome photos of this adventure.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Barview Jetty.

Ahhh, camping was a-mazing. [This is where we went]

Never mind that I was getting over a cold.

Basically I'm going to take this opportunity to bombard you with lots of photos.

But seriously,

it was so relaxing and fun.

100% of our current church membership came and everybody got along and great times were had.

I want church at the beach every weekend!

Ahhh. Seriously. When can I go back?

Hanging out on my rock recliner. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014


I know, I know, where in the the world has Heather been?

We'll get to that later - promise.

But for now... it's camping weekend! Camping + the beach = happy Heather. Our little church decided to take a camping trip and it was just the motivation we needed to acquire camping supplies! We've wanted them since we've been married, but never could justify just outright buying stuff. Enter Facebook selling/trading groups! Thanks to one that I'm a part of, we were able to get all this stuff for under $150!

S C O R E !

We got a 6 person tent, two nice camping chairs with trays, a cooler, 3 lanterns, camping stove, croquet set,  and an outside game set! Best day ever!


Saturday, July 12, 2014


My longest childhood friend found her lobster.

And they got married last Saturday, July 5th.

It was wonderful!

Our infamous picture. When we were munchkin size.

On each other's wedding days : ) Aww.

Reenacting. Because it's tradition. 

Anyone who knows Kelsey has also been waiting to see "the dress. I have distinct memories of her drawing and designing wedding dresses when we were younger, so I knew she was going to have an awesome, one-of-a-kind dress. And she did. It was perfect.

[The following photos are stolen from the photographer - check her out - we went to high school with her and her work is amazing!]

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbanks. Ugh. So cute. 

Kelsey and Joe, sittin' in a tree...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I bought myself a shellac kit for my birthday.

Love it.

Worth it.

I am so hard on my hands at my job that this is my only chance for nails that won't crack and break!

I got my kit at Walgreens, on sale, so it was an awesome deal! It even comes with a color to start out with.

My first shellac!

I've definitely gotten better - it can be really tricky when you first start because you cannot get any on your cuticle/skin or there it will stay!

For your viewing pleasure...

tried doing just tips! 

The current nail craze happening is well... crazy! People have no limits on what the can and will do to their nails!

What do you like?

The bare nail?
One classic color?
The accent nail?
Glitter mania?
Jewels and 3D art?
Crazy detailed designs?
Or do you give up and just bite them off? ; )