Thursday, July 31, 2014


I know, I know, where in the the world has Heather been?

We'll get to that later - promise.

But for now... it's camping weekend! Camping + the beach = happy Heather. Our little church decided to take a camping trip and it was just the motivation we needed to acquire camping supplies! We've wanted them since we've been married, but never could justify just outright buying stuff. Enter Facebook selling/trading groups! Thanks to one that I'm a part of, we were able to get all this stuff for under $150!

S C O R E !

We got a 6 person tent, two nice camping chairs with trays, a cooler, 3 lanterns, camping stove, croquet set,  and an outside game set! Best day ever!


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  1. Camping gear is so expensive new! It looks like you got some real steals... I can't wait to hear about your camping trip!