Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I bought myself a shellac kit for my birthday.

Love it.

Worth it.

I am so hard on my hands at my job that this is my only chance for nails that won't crack and break!

I got my kit at Walgreens, on sale, so it was an awesome deal! It even comes with a color to start out with.

My first shellac!

I've definitely gotten better - it can be really tricky when you first start because you cannot get any on your cuticle/skin or there it will stay!

For your viewing pleasure...

tried doing just tips! 

The current nail craze happening is well... crazy! People have no limits on what the can and will do to their nails!

What do you like?

The bare nail?
One classic color?
The accent nail?
Glitter mania?
Jewels and 3D art?
Crazy detailed designs?
Or do you give up and just bite them off? ; )

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