Monday, March 19, 2012

366: days 8-20.

Here are days 8-20 of my 366. There's more captions if you check out my Flickr set.

It's part of this.

Sorry I am so behind! I have to get to a computer to post these because my phone doesn't let me choose what order photos upload in...and we can't have days not in chronological order!

Also, for the month of March, I am doing this photo challenge. Hence some captions with " ".

day 8. 

day 9. 

day 10. 

day 11.

day 12.
"out of place."

day 13.
day 14.
"foreign (to you)."

day 15.
"negative space". [or lack there of...]

day 16.

day 17.
"cult status"

day 18.

day 19.
"the bottle."

day 20.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

it's pi day!

Today is March 14, (3.14) otherwise known as "pi" day. I decided to join in on the pi[e] fun with my gal pal, Shannon. We had bought a Costco bag of marionberries earlier this month, because they're Husby's favorite, so a marionberry pie was meant to be. She made the crust and I was on filling duty. I've never made a pie before so I'm okay with the goo it turned into :)
I don't know why these are sideways... just tilt your head :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

birthday for husby.

Husby's birthday was the 20th but we celebrated tonight with some friends at Stark Street Pizza. Yummers.

Here's to 25!

Ugh. We are so olds :P

Also, he wore his fancy new "birthday" bowtie.
And yeah, it's two sided.

dr. suess,

Happy Birthday to you!

I should have posted this yesterday but let's forget all the "coulda, shoulda, woulda's ". A school friend of mine (who's about to have a baby any hour!) mentioned something about a Dr. Suess nursery which I am ALL for. I've pinned enough ideas anyway. :)  Nurseries, playrooms, parties...yep, you might call it a problem. Or  a w e s o m e !

Anyway, what was I even talking about?

Oh, it was Dr.Suess' birthday yesterday and to celebrate I did some drawings of some of his iconic characters. I love drawing Suess world things. Mostly because they turn out alright. :) Anywho, here was the result of three hours of 'therapy' :)

(Oh! We also watched the new-ish version of The Cat in the Hat! I own it and had never seen it. It was fun...weird to see Alec Baldwin. Haha. And I just felt like Mike Meyer was trying to be a) Austin Powers or b) Charles Nelson Riley.)

I think these drawings would be cute framed in a nursery :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

366: days 1-7.

I have made it past the one week mark on my 366 photo project! It is one of my goals on Here is a recap of the first 7 days :)

day 1. 

day 2. 

day 3. 

day 4. 

day 5. 

day 6. 

day 7.

It was a week of birthday cupcake mess, extra babysitting money, a congested head, teen service projects, weight lifting microwaves on the bus, and belated birthday parties. Whew.