Monday, March 19, 2012

366: days 8-20.

Here are days 8-20 of my 366. There's more captions if you check out my Flickr set.

It's part of this.

Sorry I am so behind! I have to get to a computer to post these because my phone doesn't let me choose what order photos upload in...and we can't have days not in chronological order!

Also, for the month of March, I am doing this photo challenge. Hence some captions with " ".

day 8. 

day 9. 

day 10. 

day 11.

day 12.
"out of place."

day 13.
day 14.
"foreign (to you)."

day 15.
"negative space". [or lack there of...]

day 16.

day 17.
"cult status"

day 18.

day 19.
"the bottle."

day 20.

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