Saturday, March 3, 2012

dr. suess,

Happy Birthday to you!

I should have posted this yesterday but let's forget all the "coulda, shoulda, woulda's ". A school friend of mine (who's about to have a baby any hour!) mentioned something about a Dr. Suess nursery which I am ALL for. I've pinned enough ideas anyway. :)  Nurseries, playrooms, parties...yep, you might call it a problem. Or  a w e s o m e !

Anyway, what was I even talking about?

Oh, it was Dr.Suess' birthday yesterday and to celebrate I did some drawings of some of his iconic characters. I love drawing Suess world things. Mostly because they turn out alright. :) Anywho, here was the result of three hours of 'therapy' :)

(Oh! We also watched the new-ish version of The Cat in the Hat! I own it and had never seen it. It was fun...weird to see Alec Baldwin. Haha. And I just felt like Mike Meyer was trying to be a) Austin Powers or b) Charles Nelson Riley.)

I think these drawings would be cute framed in a nursery :)

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