Saturday, January 28, 2012

welcome home girlfriend.

So tonight was my first (of hopefully many) book club gatherings. The book we read was Water for Elephants. I would recommend it. And then of coarse we watched the movie tonight. (Didn't completely live up to the book, but I love my gal Reese Witherspoon)
But the best part is where this small gathering was held. It was at a place called "Welcome Home Girlfriend" and it was a grand adventure. It's the vision of the owner and is defenitly a place I will return to. She collected many a things for years, always claiming to have this vision... and now we all can partake in it. It's a wonderful place for girlfriends to gather :)
My silly phone pictures do not do it justice. Also, her grandkids are the luckiest kids in the world!

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  1. wow that place looks like a lot of fun! wish i could visit and just look through all of the stuff for hours!