Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had a hint of it today.

It led me to clean the living room & vacuum, wash the dishes, and organize a big craft drawer which desperately needed it. Which brings me to the next part. I found this old 12x12 wooden frame thing from over a year ago that I suddenly HAD to do something with. I saw on Pinterest a way to make "modge podge", which turned out to really just be a type of collage glue... so that's what I made to complete my frame project.

Basically I just mixed some (Rose Art- bleck!!) school glue, some Tacky glue and water in an old peanut butter jar and shook it. It got the job done... still a little watery for anything but thinner paper. (The majority of what I used was oragami paper.) I forgot to take a 'before' photo (how typical!) but here's the result!

An homage to our Honeymoon :)
(And yes, it found its way to the bathroom. It coordinated well and I'm pretty much out of wall space everywhere else...)

Happy Crafting!

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