Monday, September 20, 2010

current obsession.

[red] umbrellas.

Perhaps it's because I love the rain.
Perhaps it's because it's Mary Poppin's main mode of transportation.
Perhaps it's because I am drawn to the color red.

I find myself


Artist: Leonid AfremovI can't even begin to express my love for this. There are a lot similar to this one. They will probably get their own post someday. I think this is beautiful.

Just another reason to love winter.

Artist: Tenika Morrison [source]
L O V E .
Everything about this.

A lovely Etsy find.
How precious. Early Christmas, anyone?

This was from Google Images and although there is no red, there is so, so much in this I adore.
Daywear and bubble umbrellas? Yes, please.

Whoops. Here's some more.

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  1. how fabulous!
    he has his own etsy!

    a direct purchase.