Tuesday, September 14, 2010

is anybody there?

I feel like nobody reads this.

So I ordered invitations on Sunday. I'm trying to get them out by the end of the month because that will be the three month mark and that's when The Knot tells me to send them out. I've lately been second guessing pretty much everything about the wedding, except for the groom :)

On another note, an infomercial came on the other night (don't judge me), this was the second time I saw it . . . and it was confirmed that I had to have it! So in a few weeks I will be the proud OCD owner of the Wonder File.

On another note, I am super happy about this new background I found - and it has tissue puffs! I am becoming obsessed with them! I've only made one myself... and it may or may not be hanging in my room.

If you are one of few (if any!) who find themselves reading this, please leave a comment and share some blog-o-sphere love! I will leave you with this:

the second of my wildflowers collection.
you are the first to see it! you should consider yourselves so lucky ;)


  1. I've always loved your art :) It's cute & fun, uses a mixture of beautiful colors and shades and it's got that quirky heather-who-has-portland-in-her-blood-design :)
    I'm sorry about the second guessing things =/ Is it just because of how much time is left to plan smooshed with the uggliness of Lard City? Or are there things valid to change your mind about? You won't be left alone for much longer with your thoughts-just a month&a week!

    P.S. I'm totally jealous of your Wonder File...It's like an accordion for all the fancy things in your life!

    -Lovers, Darcypoo

  2. wtf heather, i think we're twins. i love the dahlia poms and made some to hang in my room a few months ago. here's some pics...
    i don't really like the green one. i ran out of tissue paper and had to use the polka dot paper. i want to make a yellow one and switch it out for the green one.



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  4. ( I had a big typo in the first one.)

    Darcypoo, I love you.

    Kacie, we ARE twins! (and I just signed up for the sketchbook project. Find some money! Steal, if necessary...*) then we can go to the museum and be famous. : )

    *I do not really condone stealing.
    begging and borrowing on the other hand...