Friday, December 30, 2011

gracias ikea.

So on Wednesday Ikea (my homeland) had a great deal on these simple, naked looking, shelves. Now I will admit they are not the most beautiful ones out there but our little place is in dire need of function. We can deal with the form later. I bought two- with one I replaced our previous black shelves in the living room and the other was tranformed into crafty storage! (Finally!)

I wanted to put one in our record breaking teeny tiny closet for some actual storage possibilities (we don't have any dressers & our hanging clothes are on portable rods...not ideal but we make it work.) But whoever designed this 5-plex should be fired. For one thing there isn't even a light in the living room (thank goodness for hot air balloon paper lanterns [see previous posts]... but the even more frusturating thing was that the hanging bar in the closet is stationary, meaning I think the walls were biult around it... thus making the shelf 1 or 2 inches too big to fit around it, without a saw at least. I do not have a saw. Grrr.

So I replaced the living room shelves and put the old black ones in our closet. There's still some wasted space so that's annoying but it's better than the hanging things/chaos that was in there before. Really I'm just happy my crafties have a more permanent home. Clothes can be thrown on the floor ;P


  1. I'm sooooo glad you got shelves, I know how annoyed you were about the space issue (but don't be annoyed at how I'm going to comment on all your posts)!

  2. i love comments! haha. i just wish i were notified of them (probably a way in the settings....).

    yeah that's all i got.
    see you in twenty days!