Sunday, September 30, 2012


So Spencer and I are going into week 4 of FPU. I know budgeting can be tough, but when you are in the red every month it's nearly impossible to make a zero budget. Alas, somehow it's at zero. (Actually, it's because all our debt is on Irregular Income Planning form).

I really like that Dave says nothing is going to happen without hard work. It's not a pray you are blessed with riches mumbo jumbo. It's pretty legit. And Spencer doesn't seem to mind it, so that's a major plus. Since we are starting this now I have high hopes for us.

On a brighter note I have two job interviews this week. One of them (the full-time, higher paying one) comes with at least two recommendations for I'm quite hopeful. But it all comes down to me. Ugh. I really hate interviews. Even a crappy job would at least put us in the green.

Also, if you have student loans... do this.

Too much money talk.

Christmas list begins HERE!

I really like this picture of Husby. Das a nice bowtie. These are a few from his sister Amy's wedding : )

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  1. I'm seriously so proud of you guys. It's really tough at first but it's so worth sticking it out! Also I love that second picture. Can't wait to see you!