Sunday, March 17, 2013

top o' the mornin'.

I love St. Patrick's Day.

I just do. And I don't even really like beer. I know, I know. What could the 17th of March even offer me? Perhaps it's the wishing I was part Irish. Or that I love little leprechauns. And Irish accents. And my former traveling buddy was from the Land of Green.

My sweet Seamus. 

He was traveling with us to Portland when our car was stolen.
The car we found, but Seamus sadly never returned.

It's also a day to celebrate being friends.
Because our friendship started with a love of today and the movie Young Guns. (Yeah... not too sure of the correlation either).

Our countdown chain to St. Patrick's Day!

The last few years I've become slightly obsessed with the vintage postcards that are out there - for any holiday, really. But these are some of my favorites. 

(all images via Google Image)

Also, if you have never seen Waking Ned Devine, you should go rent/Netflix/however you watch movies- watch it. The funeral speech will always melt my heart. 

Finally remembered to use my awesome cookie cutter
I always forget I have!

Remember this?! Yes. Please.

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