Monday, November 19, 2012

miscellany monday {3}.

1.  This is the first Monday in a while where we didn't have Financial Peace. I might have withdrawals. Also, we might take the class again in January...haha. We signed the back of this credit card mosaic I made after our 'plastic surgery' class. We plan to mail it Mr. Ramsey himself!

2.  These cute studs where separated for a day as one spent it lost in the sink, until we unscrewed part of the pipe and vacuumed it out! I was determined.

3.  This weekend Josh and Savannah came down for some fun time. It's the best when they visit. The weekend was full of catching up, yoga, nerd games for the boys, nails and mimosas for the gals, Mortal Kombat, trying a new sandwich place and getting lost downtown. The best weekend in a long while.

I normally don't spend more than like $3 on nail polish but Sav brought this and I might be addicted. 

4.  On Sunday, I went to Ryan's Memorial/Celebration of Life Service. I had a surprisingly fun time. Weird, as it was a memorial...but shouldn't celebrating a life be fun? Here is Ryan riding a friend. (Oh, I didn't mention there were cardboard cut-outs of him everywhere? Silly and fun. And a lot of awesome.) If you want to be inspired by a wonderful man and his story, please visit this previous post and click on the links.

There was well over 1,000 people there. Truly incredible. 
The many faces of Ryan, along with his beautiful wife Jessica and Justin Baldoni of SoulPancake, who directed of the amazing VIDEO that beautifully shares Ryan's story.  

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