Friday, November 2, 2012

this is halloween...

So this is not only a late Halloween post, but an uneventful one to boot! We spent the night in (shocking, I know) and we're pretty much lazy bums. We didn't even dress up. :( But next year we have plans for awesome costumes. We now have a year to save and scrounge around for them. Here is a hint:

In other news, semi related, I had too much fun last night editing these photos via this site. I am obsessed with it and the effects you normally pay for are free for a while so how could I pass up this chance to make awesome disturbing photos!?

Um, speaking of zombies... #killcarlalready

Skipping Thanksgiving entirely, I've been brainstorming cute Christmas card/photo ideas... they WILL happen this year! So...send me your address. : ) The real dilemma is what kind to do... funny, more funny, cutesy, barf cute... so many options!

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