Thursday, August 18, 2011

sew cute!

So, now that I have given the gift, I can tell you what I made for my friend Savannah. She passed her nurse test and I had some sewing kits I had been collecting from hotels and whatnot . . . sew (sorry, I had to) I decided to make her a mason jar pin cushion/sewing kit. Because, she too, loves a good mason jar.

Putting the pin cushion together was the hardest part; for the most part I just made it up. Basically, I hot glued some felt to the inner top rim of the lid ring, stuffed it with some pillow stuffing & then hot glued the flat part of the lid on. Much harder than it seems. You have to get it reeeeally tight so there is still room for the lid to screw on. Then I hot glued matching felt & fun buttons to the bottom of the flat part of the lid.
Apparently I didn't need the sealer part of the lid, some cardboard would have sufficed. Oh well. Here's an easy to follow tutorial if mine is confusing : )

Some of the goodies : ) the mini set in the middle is from a hotel - snag them when you can!

Some more sewing kit necessities. Can you tell what these pins are in? It's...
... a little match box! Glue some cute paper on and you're good to go! (I had this fabulous sewing paper - how could I not use it!?)
Grey. Always a classic color option.

I added some curling ribbon to the top of the jar... just because : )
The whole little package : ) I added the flower to help ease the shaking of contents inside.
I had to make use of this cute paper as much as I could!

My little signature. Since for 23 years of life it was my name :)
  I need to expand my collection of jars and sewing kits so I can make more of these! And I encourage you to do the same!

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