Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a {craft} room of one's own.

Greetings! Sorry I'm so lame lately.

Hopefully this will make up for it.

I've been needing to do something about our dining room for a while. Previously it served as pantry storage, computer desk area, and where the dining table was... with one chair... that was only used as table-top storage.

And then I had this other problem - it's hard for me to do anything artsy or crafty unless I have some place to be inspired or creative in. Thus - my genius idea.

Transform the dining room into my craft room!

We are an "eat in front of the tv" home (not what I want forever, but this is us for now), and the dining room was just sucking away precious space in our small apartment.

A day off ended up being a day of work anyway...but the fun kind :  )

Anyone need a round dining table?


  1. Yay, having a crafting space is great! Mine is behind a closed door though so it can get pretty messy.

  2. There is definitely something fun about organizing, isn't it! And also jealous of the pegboard!

  3. Good for you!! Our office/craft room has been the last room to get much attention since it's so hard to organize and shelving is expensive! Really need to make it a more usable space for sewing, but don't really know what to do! So congrats on getting yours done!

  4. I cannot wait to see this! It looks like perfection.