Friday, November 11, 2011


I feel I have waited so long for this day. Did you all make the biggest wish ever? The OCD in me just eats things like this up! What did you do on this once in a lifetime day? I thought we were going to a play that our friend is directing, but that got moved to tomorrow. So today, we went to go get Spencer Skyrim, which he's been lusting after for far too long...and he did finish this daunting assignment for Old Testament so I guess this was his "reward". (Seriously, 40+ pages with 10pt. font. Yikes. And that was just Gen.-Deut.). I also got some craft supplies at Joann (which should be Joann'S, but whatever), just some more paper and Christmas cut out things - oh, and another craft stick (giant glue stick). Man I love that thing.

I have made a commitment to make Christmas gifts this year (to stretch my creativity and we are very poor these days (so why not buy a video game, right? He exchanged debit reward points so I let it slide...). I am attempting to make as many things as possible with paint samples! I would post some photos, but they are gifts so those photos have to wait till post-Christmas.'s something I did. I got the idea from Pinterest! I actually did something I pinned! It's a paint sample calendar in a frame - you write on the glass and viola! White board calendar. I'm excited. Oh- and I got dry erase pens at Joann.

Also, my good friend's mom gave me her wonderful recipe for her pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (drooling yet?) and tonight I had the courage to give it a try! I think they turned out well. After making a whole plateful I froze the rest of the dough for Thanksgiving - no need to eat all those cookies by ourselves.

Last, but certainly not least, let us remember that it is Veteran's Day.
Thank you to all those who serve and have served, though words are not enough.

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Happy 11-11-11/OCD/Veteran's Day!

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  1. I think writing on glass is the best idea ever.
    So many things you can do with it!

    And a reusable calendar, how green of you!