Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Two years ago this happend.

(Post-wedding ring shots with my $3 band from China!)

The 'official' band. 

It's been a crazy couple years, we both thought it was our third anniversary! A lot has happend, and yet not much has... it's weird. People still tell me how much fun the had at the wedding, which I am always happy to hear. Happy two years, Husby! 

Also, these were my goals for last year...

12 goals for 2012.

01. Get a job.
02. Listen daily.
03. Convince husby he likes doing dishes. (goal/dream/fantasy - whatever)
04. Spend less.
05. Save more.
06. Move into an apartment.
07. Change my freaking name! 
08. Move more. Physically. Take walks.
09. Eat more greens.
10. Revamp/replenish my Etsy.
11. Save for a real computer so blogging isn't a hassle, but a joy. 
12. Pray. Daily.

Okay, so while it feels good to cross some things off...perhaps I'll make a some more specific and more realistic goals (ha!) for 2013. Can we all just be happy 2012 is over though? 

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