Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween.

So I was a slacker in the whole 'find-something-to-do-on-Halloween' and we don't have money to go get candy for little what's a girl with a costume to do? Dress up and take photos? Yes, please. Did you dress up? What was your favorite thing you have dressed up as? This has been my dream for like two years. I found the shoes at Goodwill and it was a done deal. My mission was set before me.

Here's a rundown of the cost costume:

- Skirt $4 (thrifted @ Value Village)
- Shirt $3 (thrifted @ Value Village)
- Jacket $30 (JCP - eh, I needed a light weight jacket :P)
- Shoes $5 (thrifted @ Goodwill)
- Tights $10 (JCP - again, tights are always needed)
- Umbrella $2 (thrifted @Value Village)
- Bag  (already had it)
- Hat $4 (thrifted @ Value Village)
- Hat accessories [daisy flower bunch + red 'berries'] >$2 (thrifted @ Value Village) 
- Gloves (from my mom)
- Bowtie (random fabric I had + hot glue +safety pin)
- Cheery Disposition (priceless!)

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