Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ah! I am so upset with myself that a)I have been away for so long and b)this 10 10 10 post is NOT on 10 10 10!

10 things I hate about today (pretend this was in fact written on 10.10.10)

1. I didn't have a 10 10 10 party.
2. I forgot to tweet at 10:10. Both am and pm.
3. I had to miss my friend's wedding.
4. Still unemployed.
5. Wasted the day by napping because of lack of sleep night before.
6. Nothing really eventful happened in my life.
7. More nagging.
8. No adventures.
9. No celebratory "woohoo's" on either 10:10
10. I lost at Office Clue though I figured it out!

This is sad.
To make this better,

10 thing that were good today:

1. I finally played Office Clue for the first time since I got it for Christmas.
2. Within 20 minutes, I thought about, made, and served yellow cake cookies with homemade frosting. (frosting was already prepared.)
3. An evening with friends and games.
4. A well needed nap.
5. A Sunday baptism at church.
6. A sermon that kept my attention the whole time. Mostly.
7. Spencer.
8. My friend got married and she might be more ocd than me - yay 10.10.10!
9. Darcy texts in the middle of church. Kevin's kool-aid face.
10. I was alive on 10.10.10.

1 comment:

  1. i love 10 10 10 blogs.
    i think everyone should have done them.