Sunday, July 17, 2011


It is almost back to school time which means penny school supplies, fall weather, boots & scarves...but most importantly, return of good television. Now, my schedule used to be maintainable but, thanks to Netflix, I have become addicted to a few more shows...what to do, what to money for Hulu + that's what to do.

Here's the line-up!

Monday, September 19
Season 7 (still waiting for 6 to come on Netflix!) (CBS)

Tuesday, September 20
Season 3 (Fox) (I need to watch S2 still!)

Wednesday, September 21
Season 3 (abc)

Season 3 (abc)     

Thursday, September 22
Season 5 (CBS)

Season 8 (NBC)

Friday, September 23
Season 5 (FOX)

Sunday, October 2
Season 6 (Showtime)

 Friday, October 21
Season 5- last one! :(  (still have to watch S4...)

. . .
And then you have the shows that compete with others at the same time... this is why I need Hulu+

Thursday, November 3
Season 6 (Fox)

And there's the new shows that look interesting...

Sunday, September 25:    Pan Am
Tuesday, September 20:    New Girl

Whew! I think that's all. For now at least. I may or may not be addicted to prime time.

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