Friday, July 29, 2011

happy thoughts.

So, I must apologize for being rather negative lately. It's a bad habit I've often struggled with...and let's be real, times are tough for this newlywed nowadays. BUT, things are looking up. It was suggested that for a day I post ten happy thoughts. And I did. (last Wednesday)

10.     My Husband is making me breakfast.
09.     There are unconquered levels of Angry Birds Rio. (seriously, this might be sad it makes me happy)
08.     Bacon. 
07.     Bob Ross. "It's important to me that this works for you and you know what you doing."
06.     Fudgsicles. 
05.     Hoarders. At least I'm not that bad.
04.     Husband has dinner in the oven.
03.     Owl always love you.
02.     Big Brother
01.     Remember  L  O  S  T   ?

on the bathroom cabinet...creepy.


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