Saturday, June 11, 2011


So the other day I thought I would try and do the impossible (for me, anyway) - bake cinnamon rolls. Since I am loving on PW these days, I thought I would give hers a try. Now, this was my first attempt EVER so I think I did alright. I may have only gotten a D or C on appearance, but they definitely deserved a B or A- for taste! The recipe ended up making two batches, and after the sloppy (literally) first one, I decided to add more flour, making the second batch much more appealing - and 'roll' like. But even if the rolls weren't edible (which they were!), we could have died happy with the icing.

O h . M y . G o o d n e s s .

It is a tasty fatty party in your mouth.

I ended up having way more icing than rolls so I decided I should bake a cake. It was just a Devil's Food in a box one I had in the cupboard, but I added some chocolate chips to the batter as well as a pinch of Nutmeg just for fun. Man oh man was/is is rich yummy. Sometimes, when I'm good,   I      a m     g o o d.

the one in the back is the second, prettier batch...


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