Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a productive day.

Not today, but yesterday.
My adventure to becoming a [legal] Valadez:
It started around 11a.
By 2p I had:
- Made perfect timing for the bus & remembered my waterbottle (but forgot my snacks...grr.)
- Got to what was remains of the SE Social Security office which I found gutted & full of plumbing/septic people and hoses (ack!)
- Got on the bus as fast I could (kinda sketchy location [Division&98th-ish]) and made my way to another SS office. [Near Broadway&MLK].
- Since I wasn't planning a cross town adventure, I was worried about timing stuff (any government office in the afternoon? Ick.) But I was determined.
- Arrived at said office, took a number, picked up a flyer, changed name on my card and got out of there in about...oh, 10minutes? Yeah. Magic. [Not banking at such luck for when DMV time comes.]
Then I walked a couple blocks to a Starbucks to use my free birthday drink coupon before it expired... [nonfat peppermint mocha].
Walked a couple more blocks, bypassing bus stops. I'd had enough, the Max would take me where I needed to go. I was not looking forward to transferring as I prefer direct rides, but what should appear as I'm crossing the tracks? Why, hooray, it's the right colored Max!
So I, happily, took the Green Line all the way to Clackamas Towne Center [JC Penney was my destination].
Arriving at Penney's I go and pick up my online order (a cami, bath mat and gloves I can use with my touch screen [all for $20!], then make my way to shoes... because I'm a girl and that's where my feet take me. Now Penney's got rid of their many sales and just have "low" prices always now and I was sketchy of it. (hey- I love a great deal and saving hundreds on just a few items!) But when I saw the rack of ~$18 boots I was sold. They win. I lose $18.
I was thinking of heading home and I remembered my Sephora free birthday gift! So I went and got that (a little lip duo pack) and spritzed myself with my favorite way too spendy perfume, Lady Million.
By now I am starving, being about 3 and having no food in me (stupid snacks on the counter!) So I use what little money we have to grab some "Thai" food. Really just some mediorce friend rice and sweet thai chicken. But it was like $5 and yummy. Then I searched my wallet for coupons and found a free kid's cone from Ben & Jerry's and there just happened to be a kiosk there so how could I resist? I got some mint chocolate chunk...but he gave me way more than a little kid's cone. I was okay with it (thanks young high school boy!)
Then I slowly made my way back to the endless piles of dishes and laundry that [still] await...
It might not seem like a lot, but I did all this by like 4p. And what do I usually do by 4? Get up...maybe shower...find food I don't have to make...Pinterest....FB.... see where I'm going with this? Getting that much done and being all over town made me feel like I could conquer the world!
[Still can't conquer those dishes though.......Cupid??]

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  1. What a great day! Even with the mishaps of forgotten foods & gutted out SS Office, this sounds like overall a happy day! Hooray for free drinks & spritz, ice cream & inexpensive boots!